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When Josie Comes Home

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When Josie Comes Home

Book 1 of The New West


The future’s a lot like the past -- the West’s still hard on women and horses.

The future’s a wonderful place to be if you were considered worthy -- until a huge solar flare slagged the world computers. Now, over two hundred years later, the unworthies are all that’s left of humanity, and they’ve reverted back to the old, old ways.

Josie escapes from the forced sexual slavery of Horsetown, vowing to return with help to save her sisters. Ten years later, she’s not home -- but her youngest sister, Sadie, insists Josie will return, with her Hero along to help save the day.

The Gambler’s in Horsetown for reasons all his own. Who is he? What’s he really here for? And what will happen if he’s in town When Josie Comes Home?

He was very well dressed, clean-shaven and well groomed, in full gentleman’s attire, including a clean white shirt, a brocade vest and black long-tailed jacket. Sadie figured he must be used to being prosperous. He was very handsome, too, she noted in an absent way, with green eyes and short, neatly trimmed dark brown hair.

He dismounted, tipped his black hat, and gave her a warm smile. “Good day, young miss. May I inquire as to what township’s boundaries I am presently within?” His voice told her he was from the Southland, which helped her to account for his apparent wealth.

“Huh?” Sadie asked dumbly.

He gave her a small, pained smile. “Where am I?”

“Oh.” Sadie was relieved he’d asked her something she could answer. “You’re in the Horsetown Compound, in the Desertland region. Don’t you know that?”

  • Word Count: 25,067
  • Author: AE Stanton
  • Website: AE Stanton
  • Heat Level: 2
  • ISBN: 978-1-61937-021-0
  • Artist: Lisa Dovichi
  • Editor: Celina Summers

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