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An Imperfect Wife

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An Imperfect Wife

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A homesick woman finds comfort in the arms of a new friend -- her husband's boss.

Nicole Evans wanted to support her husband Josh's career, even if it meant moving away from their hometown, family, and friends. So what if he didn't ask for her input before accepting the job? They needed the money, and the opportunity was too good to pass up. Standing by him was the right thing to do.

But Josh's crazy schedule leaves her lonely and taken for granted. With no friends or job to fill the long hours, she turns to Adam Cahill, Josh's handsome boss, for a sympathetic ear. She tells herself it's a harmless crush. Until she kisses him. And he kisses her back.

Nicole feels guilty, but she's doesn't want the affair to end. What will she do when Josh discovers she's an imperfect wife?

Adam smiled. "Now I understand why people talk to bartenders," he said. "You're a good listener. I can be myself around you because you don't want or expect anything from me. I can't say that about anyone else I know.”

But I wanted something from him too, at least in my fantasies. I wanted him. That was all in theory, and forbidden anyway. In the real world, I wanted nothing more from Adam than his friendship. That was all I could realistically hope for. All I could offer was my own friendship in return.

"Everyone deserves a friend," I finally said. "You know, if you ever want to talk again..."

He tilted his head, studying my face. "Thanks," he said after a long pause. "That's something that I don't have in my life right now, so I appreciate it. "

"It's not a problem, really," I said. "Everyone needs someone to listen to them. Most of the time, that's all a person needs. I try not to judge." Except when it came to Heather, I thought with some shame.

"Josh is a lucky man," he said.

The sound of Josh's name jolted me. Adam meant his comment to be a compliment, but it made me depressed. If I was so wonderful, why didn't Josh recognize that? Why could Adam, someone who hardly knew me, see in me something Josh hadn't seen in years?

“You guys all work so hard,” I said to change the subject.

Adam shrugged. “I’m trying not to. Heather keeps wanting me to work more so we can go to the Virgin Islands this winter. I keep telling her it's not like I'm getting paid by the hour. She doesn't seem to understand and says that I should shoot for a promotion even though I don't want it. I told her I want to spend more time with the kids, but she doesn't want to hear it. Sometimes I swear she just wants me out of the house."

"Maybe she should marry Josh," I said with a laugh. "He sure works enough for two people. I would rather have a husband that I see more than a few hours a week."

Adam laughed as well, a sexy rumble that travelled from my ears to my shoes. "Sounds like we should trade," he joked.

"Maybe we should."

I leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

[i]Did I just do that?[/i]

  • Word Count: 32,000
  • Author: Grace Wen
  • Website: Grace Wen
  • Heat Level: 2
  • ISBN: 978-1-61937-031-9
  • Artist: Kelly Shorten
  • Editor: Erica Mills

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